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SEA Thai, Review

SEA ThaiRating: 9.5/10

Cost: Moderate

Reservations: Yes. 407-895-0985

I’ve been eating at SEA Thai of Orlando ever since they opened. The food is excellent, and the service rather good. This is one of the few restaurants where the food is so good that I can eat things I don’t enjoy (e.g. eggplant) and still identify that if I liked eggplant the dish would be delicious. That, is no mean compliment! And in the first year they were open, they won the Critics Choice Award from the Orlando Sentinel – an award that had been going to another restaurant for the past 10 years. My favorites are:

  • Chicken Satay – a very typically Thai appetizer
  • Tom Yum Soup – a very light soup. Add plain Jasmine rice to make a tasty light meal.
  • Pad Thai
  • Praram Dish
  • Spicy Thai Basil
  • etc.

The food is very authentic. How do I know you ask? I know because I’ve lived with Thai people, and the food tastes exactly the same. Yes, it was the same Thai people who own the restaurant. And no, my review is not biased. Really.

The desserts are quite tasty, and not desserts you will find in most Thai restaurants. Some examples are: fried cheesecake, Thai doughnuts, and green tea flavored ice-cream. And the presentation is exquisite!

The restaurant is a essentially a family-run gig. The decor was done by the the very hands that cook and serve the food, so there is substantial investment of the employees towards the success of the restaurant. Between that and traditional Thai hospitality, the service is excellent, and the staff friendly. I highly recommend dining there.

P.S. SEA stands for South East Asia.

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