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Salad, chick peas and corn

Chick pea and corn salad

Chick pea and corn salad

This is a really easy salad, for when you don’t have time. My friend L who worked a while at a salad bar in Paris taught me this one (though the basil is my addition). It keeps overnight just fine, and so it also makes an easy lunch. The vegetarian version tastes just as good as the non-vegetarian version. And the best part – it tastes ridiculously good! Just make sure you use good quality condiments – they really do make a difference.

Salad, chick peas and corn

Ingredients (serves 1 heartily)

  • Chick peas; 1 can
  • Corn, whole kernel; 1 can
  • Sliced ham, honey baked (or your preferred variety); a few slices
  • Olive oil (Use the good stuff – virgin, organic etc. If you buy in bulk, then it’s pretty cheap.)
  • Balsamic vinaigrette (I prefer Colavita’s Aged Balsamic.)
  • Garlic powder (If you’re feeling ambitious, by all means use garlic baked in olive oil)
  • Basil

Open cans of chick peas and corn, drain, and mix. Dress with all the dressings above, to taste! For the non-vegetarian version, tear up the ham slices into chunks and add in! Et voila!

PS. Of course, you can add condiments and spices that you like better. Just report back and tell us how it worked out.


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