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Table Rock Red, wine review

Table Rock Red

Table Rock Red

The Table Rock Red from Lake James Winery is by far one of the best wines I’ve ever had. Sweet, and smooth, it is indeed (as the label says) great as a patio companion. The fruitiness is evident, and there is not any real aftertaste that is different from the flavor of the wine. Another possible use is as an after-dinner or a not-very-sweet dessert wine. Since the flavor is strong, I wouldn’t recommend the Table Red as a meal companion; though it is likely to be an excellent addition to a wine-and-cheese party.

And at the price – approximately 10 bucks – you’ll be ordering it online again and again! I certainly will.

With drinks I’m introducing a new scale, where an upside down bottle means that upside-down is the position it will be most of the time (very good – you’ll be drinking it) and a right-side up picture means you won’t be drinking it much (with intermediate positions meaning intermediate quality).


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