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Humus Sandwich

Hummus sandwich, no tomatoes

Hummus sandwich, no tomatoes

The inspiration for this comes from my friend N’s pure humus sandwich. Humus is easily available, and adds a nice flavorful touch to bread. The basic sandwich is just that – spread humus on bread, and voila! What is below is somewhat modified, if only by adding vegetables.  It makes for an easy snack, or make 2 sandwiches for a light lunch or dinner. Easy to make, healthy to eat. What more can one want?


  • Bread, 2 slices. I usually make my own. (Yes, it’s easy, and you can too! Often your local thrift shop will have ridiculously cheap breadmakers (~$10), and once you use one you’ll never want to go back to buying bread again. Goodwill is a pretty common thrift shop in the US. Find the closest one here.)
  • Humus. My favorite is Sabra’s Supremely Spicy humus. It’s damn good. This is an important ingredient, so choose the flavor according to your taste.
  • Onion, sliced and separated. White or red.
  • Tomatoes. Plum tomatoes are best – they are easy to slice.
  • Cucumber, sliced with circular slices.
  • Mushrooms, a few sliced pieces.
  • Any other veggies you want!

Spread the humus on the bread. Lay out the veggies. Eat and enjoy.

Hint: An easy way to keep your food healthy –  the more colorful your food looks, the more varied are the nutrients you’ll be getting. So making the sandwich colorful is not only visually appealing, it’s good for you too!


2 comments on “Humus Sandwich

  1. onlinepastrychef
    April 9, 2009

    I love hummus, and I make vats of it at home. I only make it occasionally, because when I do make it, I sit in front of the TV and eat all of it. It’s a bit of a problem:) The sammich looks yummy!

    • Amitabh Ghoshal
      April 10, 2009

      I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one with the love-so-much-eat-too-much problem; except in my case it is with Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream! The sammies ARE yoummy, and if you find a better humus, let us know. Better yet, if you have a hummus recipe that is good, please leave it here.

      Also, you were in Winter Park? Small world, eh? Since I’m in Orlando, do you have any good places for great pastry to recommend?

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