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Lemonade Concentrate

The warm, lazy summer afternoons….. the happiness of a long vacation ……. the sitting around at home and listening to old songs on radio…. the humming along with Mom …… the ceiling fan slowly but surely trying it’s best to provide a cooling contribution….. the waiting for Dad to bring home a movie from the store….. the beads of sweat on a chilled glass of lemonade…… the cool rush of the first sip…… oh! to summer! and to homemade lemonade! I have wonderful memories of my childhood days, especially summer, when Ma’s lemonade was always present in the fridge, ready to be enjoyed.

S, my friend, gave me a bunch of lemons recently and I wasn’t sure what to do with them, until Ma reminded me and gave me her recipe for lemonade concentrate. Hope you make it and enjoy it as much as I am at this moment, sipping away….mmmmYummmm……. as I type this.

Lemonade Concentrate

Lemonade Concentrate

Lemonade Concentrate

Ingredients for 1 litre concentrate

  • 8 large lemons, squeezed with the pulp and all. Comes to about 4 cups of lemon juice.
  • 5 cups of sugar
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1.5 litre or about 6 cups water

Heat the water, salt and sugar in a saucepan, on medium heat. Stir every now and then.

It should be quite a thick concotion once it has boiled for a few minutes.

Take it off the heat and let it cool.

While the sugar syrup cools, squeeze the lemons for their juice with the pulp and all the goodness.

When it’s cooled to room temperature, add the lemon juice.

Filter this concentrate and store it in a glass bottle in the fridge.

That’s it! Now every time you want to have lemonade, mix

  • 1/4 cup of lemonade concentrate
  • 1 cup of water

and it’s ready to enjoy! A good book in one hand, music in the background and a cool-refreshing glass of lemonade with a little bit of mint on top, there! now you have the recipe for a lovely summer afternoon.


1. What to do with the pulp et all that remains after filtering the concentrate?

Go ahead and make a few first glasses of pulpy lemonade.

2. What to do with the lemon peels?

– Grate and make zest!
– Bury them in your yard and they’ll decay to make compost
– Or my favorite….. massage your gums with the inside of the peels. Rich in vitamin C, they have been a home remedy for sad gums. There you have it! It makes you smile wider too! Boy! making lemonade has so many returns!


5 comments on “Lemonade Concentrate

  1. Subadra
    April 19, 2009

    Now you tell me! Could have made some myself! I ended up preserving the lemon juice in cubes in the freezer. Preserved the skins by packing them in salt with a little olive oil on top.
    Your lemonade concentrate does sound quite yummy! BTW, do you have a scale to measure out your ingredients in grams?

    • Meenakshi Matai
      April 20, 2009

      Thanks for your suggestion of pickling the skins.
      Yes, I do have a scale to measure by weight. But, if you don’t have one, just google “cups to grams” or whatever other conversion you need.

  2. Amitabh Ghoshal
    April 20, 2009

    I take lemonade to the beach pretty often, and this is what I do. I take a big nalgene (1 liter), put in 2 fingers of lemon concentrate, 2 fingers of sugar, fill with ice, fill the gaps with water. And the lemonade is ready for consumption all day!

    On a related note, if you crush mint leaves and add rum, you have yourself a nice Mojito!

  3. Subadra
    April 2, 2011

    Hiya! How long does this concoction last in the fridge? Thanks.

    • Meenakshi Matai
      April 2, 2011

      Good 6-8 months. Make it thicker/ denser and it’ll last longer.

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