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Alton Brown’s Cucumber Grape Gazpacho

If you haven’t figured it already, I must say that I’m an Alton Brown fan, and am always looking for to try out his vegetarian recipes. But, this time I wasn’t looking for his…. I had had a grape gazpacho soup at Tarbell’s couple months back and I had been pleasantly surprised by its deliciousness. Since then I’d been looking for his (Tarbell’s) recipe, but couldn’t find it. I gave up until my grape vine rewarded me with a lot of wonderful Thompson seedless grapes. Of course the cucumber vine is ever producing and I couldn’t help trying to make the gazpacho again. Off I went looking and found Mr. Brown’s recipe….. and being his fan, there’s no way I could pass this up.

Alton Brown's Cucumber Grape Gazpacho

Alton Brown's Cucumber Grape Gazpacho

Here’s the recipe: Alton Brown’s Cucumber Grape Gazpacho

My notes:

1. Make a wonderful soup for summer! Very light, cooling and delicious. Although the husband didn’t care for it much, so I think you’ve got to try it once to see if you like it.
2. Next time I make it, I am going to reduce the quantity of walnuts as they overpower the grapes.
3. I used 2 teaspoons of rice wine vinegar instead of just 1, since I like it tangy.

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