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Peach Delight Smoothie

Peach Delight Smoothie

Peach Delight Smoothie

With the abundant peaches in the farmers market and you-pick farms, they have had me smiling for a while now. My mantra has been… a peach a day, keeps you smiley and peachy 🙂 As much as I like to devour them as it is, I’ve tried a few experiments like putting them in salads, sauces and baking with them. But, this peachy delight is my favorite, especially with the way summer has been here….. I’ll take anything cooling!

Peach Delight Smoothie

Ingredients to make 4 glasses

  • 3 ripe soft peaches
  • 3 cups plain yoghurt (fat-free works or even better home made)
  • 12-14 cubes of ice
  • sugar to taste

Blend all of it together in your favorite blender.

Vary the sugar depending on how sweet your peaches are.

Turn on your smoothing summery music, find a comfy spot on your favorite chair and Enjoy!

Very cooling, satisfying and delicious.

Of course you can jazz it up by adding other fruits and make it richer by using vanilla ice cream and enjoy it as dessert. But, if you want the healthy version, so that you can have it often, then stick to yoghurt. Top it with some granola and it makes a yumm breakfast.


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