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Spinach Soup

Spinach SoupWith all the abundant spinach and beet roots in the yard, over the last few months there has been a spinach overload. I’ve made palak paneer, spinach bread, quesadillas, spinach pasta, spinach daal, palak aalu, spinach salad, and what not!!! Right when I was running out of ideas, my friend’s wife, Shalmali’s lovely blog came to the rescue. She calls her blog “Bakasoor“, such a cute name!! Food for the insatiable devil inside us! :p And she has some very delicious and different recipes there. I love it!

Shalmali’s Spinach Soup was a huge hit for us! Thank you!!! We devoured it and licked our bowls clean. The only modifications I made were skipping the ginger and using some beet root leaves, mainly because we had so many and I didn’t have the heart to throw them away. Also used some sour cream and cheese as garnish! Yum!

Note about Beet root leaves: They can be had when they are tender and can be used pretty much in all cooked dishes where you’d use spinach. They get waxy and tough as they mature, and lose their delicious taste too.

Spinach Soup

Recipe here: BakaSoor’s Spinach Soup



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