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Cafe Ibis Gallery Deli, review; news

I am returning with a long-due post, and with an intent to return to posting more frequently. I recently (in May) graduated and moved to Santa Barbara, CA – so I will be posting from there (here?) henceforth.

Cappuccino at Ibis

On the long-intended (years!) trip across the country, I stopped at many places. However, one of my favorite places remains Logan, UT where my wonderful friends DB and PB live. I was there for a few days and made it a point to go to Cafe Ibis Gallery Deli every day I was there!

Rating: 9.5/10

Cost: Moderate

Cafe Ibis, for short, is located in downtown Logan (which is also the home of Utah State University, a place that makes spectacular ice-cream!). The cappuccino was great, the food excellent, and the atmosphere spectacular! It is located only a block from Main Street. The cafe is also an art gallery, and a good place to pick up conversations on local goings-ons. For example, one of the 3 days I went there, I overheard a conversation about someone selling cheap (and good) sleeping bags at the local farmers’ market, joined in the conversation, and ended up with a spectacular buy of my own!

So, if you’re ever in Logan (or live there) check out Cafe Ibis.


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