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Cooking Dilemma

This Monday’s XKCD is spectacular – check it out! We all I have had this happen. But the goal is for it to not happen – hence this blog! Also, buying the right amount of ingredients so that none are wasted allows me to spend more money (if needed) to buy higher quality ingredients – organic, pesticide free, etc. – which are more nutritious, and so healthier for me!

I fight the ingredient wastage problem by:

  • Planning my meals for the week, and just buying the ingredients for those meals.
  • I supplement this by keeping some jarred pasta sauces; and uncooked rice and pasta never goes bad either, so things usually work out. (Lentils last quite a while too, so try making things with them. Although, after about a year (or maybe 6 months?), lentils die a deceptive death – they look fine but become impossible to cook in any reasonable way.)
  • In addition, I have found that if something is about to go bad, then cooking it allows me to eat it for a few days longer!

What are your strategies for not wasting ingredients? Feel free to leave notes in the comments.


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This entry was posted on February 1, 2011 by in Cooking tips, Extra healthy.


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